The democratization of private equity

Your key to investing in some of the world’s most innovative and disruptive pre-IPO companies

Some of the world's most innovative, growth and late-stage private businesses are hard to invest in.
Accessing these types of private opportunities is simply out of reach for most investors. High minimum investments, long-term hold periods & having to qualify as an ‘accredited’ investor keep these companies in the hands of few.
We democratize access - giving all investors the opportunity to participate.
Stack allows everyone to participate in the growth of some of the world's most attractive private businesses, while reducing risk through an actively managed and diversified portfolio. Shareholders further benefit from the liquidity associated with a TSX listing, along with the guidance of an experienced and aligned Leadership team.
How private equity has evolved
Companies are staying
private longer
larger at IPO
 Significant gains are only accessible through the
private market
key pillars of stack capital
Access to growth & late-stage
private equity opportunities
Liquidity, through a TSX listing
Active investment management
Experienced leadership
investment approach
Competitive Management
compensation structure
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