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What they do
Largest travel app in North America, that helps its customers spend less & travel better
Global travel inventory includes:
  • 300+ airlines
  • 2 million+ hotels
  • 100+ car rental companies
  • Recently created 'Hopper Homes', for short-term home rentals

Offers innovative fintech travel products:
  • Cancel for Any Reason
  • Price Freeze & Price Drop
  • Price Prediction
  • Disruption

Investment Thesis
On its way to becoming a global travel super-app
  • 100M+ downloads
  • Over $7B+ of travel & travel-related products sold annually
  • 3rd largest on-line travel agency (OTA) in North America

Appeals to a wide travel target audience
  • Gen Z & Millennials, via the app
  • Business & mature travelers, through Hopper Cloud

Impressive growth within Hopper Cloud - its B2B platform
  • Hopper Cloud now represents over 50% of Hopper's business
  • Partnered with some of the world’s most recognized financial
    institutions, airlines, hotels, and travel companies such as Capital One,
    Uber, Marriott, Commbank, and Nubank