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What they do
The world's most accurate identity verification and authentication platform
Technology geared towards establishing 'trust' across the entire customer journey - using the mobile phone at its core
  • Onboard new customers with a process that's 80% faster, frictionless, and stops fraud at the front door
  • Prevent fraud without introducing friction
  • Streamline logins and transactions with an authentication solution that's fast, easy & secure
  • Service customers and increase engagement with real-time identity attribute management
Prove Identity allows businesses to confidently verify consumers with just their mobile phone, to mitigate fraud such as SIM swap, account takeover, and synthetic identity fraud

       Prove's PRO Model of identity verification & authentication is based on:
  • Possession:   Is the customer physically holding the phone?  Phone numbers are bound to mobile phones with 128-bit encryption
  • Reputation:    How many years of real-time behavior does the phone number have?  This allows Prove to assess risk in real time
  • Ownership:    Is the phone number owned & operated by the customer?  99% of consumers have a personal phone number, allowing Prove to verify identity via ownership

Investment Thesis
Well-positioned to capitalize on booming global demand for identity verification & authentication
  • Trusted by 1,000+ leading companies to reduce fraud and improve consumer experiences
  • Currently serves 8 of the top 10 US banks
  • Clients include Mastercard, Starbucks, PayPal, DocuSign, TD Ameritrade, Synchrony, BlueCross BlueShield, etc.
Global scale
  • 200+ countries and/or regions covered worldwide
  • 1 billion+ unique identity tokens under management
  • 20 billion+ identity and authentication events processed annually
Significant target market and/or industries to service
  • Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Public Sector
  • Insurance
  • Online Gaming
  • Fintech
  • Merchants
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