stack capital increases its exposure to prove identity via share swap

-     Stack Capital Issues 139,440 common shares at $11.80, its Q2-2022 Book Value per Share
-     Total transaction value of approximately $2 million USD
-     Stack Capital's exposure to Prove Identity increases by 28%; now representing 9% of Book Value


TORONTO, CANADA, September 12, 2022 – Stack Capital Group Inc. (TSX:STCK and STCK.WT)(“Stack Capital”) an investment holding company that invests in some of the world’s most innovative and disruptive growth & late-stage private companies, is pleased to announce that it has acquired additional shares of Prove Identity, Inc. (“Prove”), in consideration for cash and 139,440 Stack Capital common shares, increasing its exposure to the business by roughly 28%, which now represents 9% of Stack Capital’s Book Value. Prove is a leading provider of digital consumer identity verification and authentication solutions and its technology, which uses the mobile phone at its core, modernizes the way consumers transact with greater ease, accuracy, privacy, and security. 

The transaction was advantageous to all parties involved. Stack Capital utilized its common shares as currency to increase exposure to an attractive/existing portfolio company, capitalizing on current market conditions. The Prove seller, on the other hand, successfully converted its single holding into a diversified portfolio of innovative private companies and, in the process, also managed to maintain exposure to Prove on a go-forward basis, at a reduced level, through the ownership of Stack Capital common shares. 

“We’re extremely happy to have increased our exposure to Prove and remain confident in the long-term outlook for the business,” said Jeff Parks, Chief Executive Officer of Stack Capital. “Being able to use Stack common shares as currency to help execute the purchase, in a non-dilutive manner, is advantageous to our existing shareholders. We look forward to replicating this type of transaction in the future when the opportunity presents itself.”

About Stack Capital 
Stack Capital is an investment holding company and its business objective is to invest in equity, debt and/or other securities of growth-to-late-stage private businesses. Through Stack Capital, shareholders have the opportunity to gain exposure to a diversified private investment portfolio; participate in the private market; and have liquidity due to the listing of Stack Capital common shares and warrants on the Toronto Stock Exchange. At the same time, the public structure also allows Stack Capital to focus its efforts on maximizing long-term performance through a portfolio of high growth businesses, which are not widely available to most Canadian investors. SC Partners Ltd. has taken the initiative in creating Stack Capital and acts as Stack Capital's administrator and is responsible to source and advise with respect to all investments for Stack Capital.

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